indoor view of gallery03692021松原豊写真展「界隈II」展示風景

— コンセプト —



2016年12月 gallery0369 運営管理オーナー 松原 豊

— Concept —

gallery0369 is a photo gallery operated by Yutaka Matsubara (photographer) in Misato-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. A corner of the office in Satoyama was renovated with the help of a friend, Mr. M, and started in December 2016 as a space to continue to look at the photos.

“0” in gallery0369 means “infinity”, “reset”, “beginning”, and “369” is the address of the gallery. I named it “galery0369” with the intention of a space starting from “0” in this place.

The purpose of opening this place was to think about the relationship between “photographs with me” while touching various photography cultures in the beautiful satoyama of Mie Prefecture, and to make it a place where people can touch the way of life as a “photographer” .

What is a “photo” for you?
We look forward to welcoming everyone.

December 2016 Yutaka Matsubara, Operation Management Owner gallery0369

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